We're taking a break here at Finetools, and won't be shipping goods until the 20th of August.

You're welcome to still place an order over this period and we'll ship promptly on return. We recognise the inconvenience, so please take advantage of our 10% off coupon offer over the period we're away.

Simply use the code AUG10 when you checkout to save 10% off the products purchased.

Home Collection

Welcome to finetools.com.au, located in Melbourne, Victoria and specialising in quality, affordable hand tools including hand planes and saws, chisels, files and marking tools by Luban, Mujingfang, Axminster Rider, Clifton, and Narex.


Chisel Sets

High Quality Chisel Sets from Luban, Narex and Ice Bear


Quality new Japanese tools are landing soon..
Quality new Japanese tools are landing soon..

by Jason Daniel July 19, 2016

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New tools coming soon....

by Jason Daniel March 03, 2016

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