Narex Wood Line Plus Butt Chisels Set

Wood Line Plus Butt Chisel Set


SKU: NRX-853750 | Wood Line Plus Butt Chisel Set in wooden box



6 mm NRX-811056
12 mm NRX-811062
20 mm NRX-811070
26 mm NRX-811076

Detailed description

These butt chisel blades are forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel and heat treated up to 59 HRc.ÊThe ergonomic handle is made of beech wood and is equipped with brass ferrule.

The short round handle fits very comfortably in the palm, allowing the user to direct the blade into position and achieve an accurate paring or cut along the joint.

The butt chisel is designed primarily to use in cutting and paring tasks where access is limited or the extra leverage afforded by a shorter blade is required.

Chisel Blade
Forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel
Heat treated up to 59 HRc
Fully ground and sharpened (minimal final honing can be performed)
Thin sides for improved sidewall clearance

Chisel Handle
Ergonomic with round cross-section
Stained hornbeam wood
Brass-plated ferrule

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