Profi 8 Piece Graving Chisels Set

Profi 8 Piece Graving Chisel Set


SKU: NRX-868700 | Profi 8 Piece Graving Chisel Set in display box



Graving chisel flat - Profile 1 NRX-823000
Graving chisel skew double-sided - Profile 1 NRX-823100
Graving chisel gauge - Profile 11 NRX-823300
Graving chisel gauge - Profile 12 NRX-823200
Graving chisel gauge - Profile 8 NRX-822400
Graving chisel gauge - Profile 7 NRX-823500
Graving chisel angular - Profile 41 NRX-823600
Graving chisel hollow out - Profile 1 NRX-823600

Detailed description

Profi graving chisels are handmade tools of the highest quality, designed especially for professional carvers.

The blades are made of Chrome-Vanadium tool steel and heat treated to a hardness of 61-62 HRc. The edges are sharpened and lapped with abrasive paste and arkansas stone.

Handles are made of beech wood with a stained and waxed surface.

Graving chisel sets are supplied in the a cardboard display box.

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