Profi 8 Piece Carving Chisels Set

Profi 8 Piece Carving Chisel Set


SKU: NRX-868000 | Profi 8 Piece Carving Chisel Set in wooden box



Carving chisel straight - Profile 3 NRX-826212
Carving chisel straight - Profile 7 NRX-826416
Carving chisel straight - Profile 11 NRX-826704
Carving chisel straight - Profile 41 NRX-826808
Carving chisel spoontype - Profile 7 NRX-829412
Carving chisel spoontype - Profile 8 NRX-829504
Carving chisel spoontype - Profile 9 NRX-829604
Carving chisel bent - Profile 5 NRX-827312

Detailed description

Profi carving chisels are hand-made tools of the highest quality, designed especially for professional carvers. Blades are made from chrome-silicon alloy steel and heat treated for hardness of 59 +/-1 HRc.

All blades are hand polished and the edges are sharpened and lapped with abrasive paste and arkansas stone. Handles have an octagonal barrel shape and are made of beech wood. The surface is stained and waxed.

This set of Profi carving chisels is supplied in a wooden box.

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