Narex Wood Line Plus Skew Chisel Set - 26 mm

Specialist chisels with right hand skew at 30˚. Suitable for cleaning out corners, dovetails and any jobs in areas that cannot be reached by standard chisels.
These skew chisels come with a forged blade made of traditional Cr-Mn steel and heat treated to 59 HRc.
The ergonomic handle is made from hard and hefty hornbeam wood, strong enough to withstand heavy blows with a mallet.
The combination of a stained hornbeam handle, brass plated ferrule and improved grinding of the blade presents a unique tool design.


Features summary
Product Name: Narex Wood Line Plus - Skew Chisel Set - 26 mm
Product Details
SKU: NRX-851676
Contains SKU's: NRX-811126 & NRX-811176
Blade width:   26 mm
Blade length: 138 mm
Total Length: 283 mm
Handle size: 145 x 37 mm
Chisel Blade
  • Forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel
  • Heat treated up to 59 HRc
  • Fully ground and sharpened (minimal final honing can be performed)
Chisel Handle
  • Ergonomic with round cross-section
  • Stained hornbeam wood
  • Brass-plated ferrule
About Narex Bystrice
Enjoying over 90 years of proud history in producing traditional hand tools, Narex Bystrice manufactures a wide range of products, including the quality woodworking chisels for which the company is well known.
A focus on high quality and a proactive approach to innovation has contibuted to the company's continued success, and is the reason why Narex ranks highly among major global hand tools manufacturers.
Narex Chisels come with a 5 year guarantee to be free of manufacturing defects. A new item will be supplied or the faulty component will be replaced in the event of a manufacturing defect at no charge.

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