Pinie Woodworking Tools

Pinie Lubná, Ltd. is a leading Czech manufacturer of traditional wooden hand tools based in Lubná Czech Republic, with a brand history stretching back close to 100 years.


Since 2000, Pinie has focused on the production and sale of Pinie® brand wooden joinery tools. 

The history of the Pinie® brand goes back to the year 1918. Initially, wooden handles were manufactured, and in 1932, the production of woodworking planes was launched.

Still today, wooden planes represent the core of the company’s production.

Pinie supply practical and high quality products at an affordable price to customers worldwide.

Tools and workbenches are manufactured in the company‘s facilities from high quality Czech wood and every item is subject to careful control, from the purchasing of raw materials to the packing and shipping of goods

Pinie are a small dynamic company, developing innovative new products every year in addition to continual improvement of the existing product lines and are proud to currently be the biggest producer of wooden carpenter’s planes in the world.

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