Mujingfang European-Style African Ebony Bench Plane - 200 mm

European styled hand plane, designed for smoothing varying-grain woods, this fixed-mouth smoother hand plane has its blade bedded at approximately 45°.

The cutting width is 36 mm and the blade is 2.3 mm thick and hardened to RC62-64. Blade adjustment is done using light mallet taps to set angle and projection.

The African Ebony body is 200 mm long.

A beautifully made, hand crafted plane, it is an excellent choice for finishing cuts on hardwood where a smooth, glass-like surface is desired. 

Feature Summary

Body: African Ebony
Handle: Fixed
Model #: FE1177-050
Overall Length: 200 mm
Blade Steel: High-Speed Steel
Cutting Width: 36 mm
Net Weight: 1 kg

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