Timber Tools Slick with extra long handle Straight Edge

MHG Timber Tools are an ideal and indispensable hand tool for the carpenter in the professional construction of log and timber-framed houses. The new series follows the design, in the form developed by Barr Tools. Manufactured using a new forging process, these tools are characterised by high cutting edge retention, elasticity and durability.  

With their high degree of microstructure compaction and the heat treatment quality of the high-alloy material, usage properties are achieved that were previously only reserved for hand-forged tools.      

The MHG Timber-Tool "Slick" is ideal for chiseling out the longitudinal channels of beams.

These tools are manufactured in inch sizes"

Total length: 31" / 1090 mm

Blade length: 7" / 320 mm

Blade width: 1" / 25mm, 1 ½" / 38 mm, 2" / 50 mm

Handle: oiled ash 

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