Butt Chisel with Oiled Ash Handle with Ferrule

The MHG butt chisel is an ideal tool for exact finishing of dovetails and grooves. It can be used for wood joints, in cabinet making, for staircase construction or also for making musical instruments. Wherever space is tight, e.g. in drawers or when building stairs, this short chisel is preferable to chisels of normal length. It can be guided precisely and comfortably.

The oiled ash handle is ergonomically shaped, so it sits well in the hand and enables fine work. 

The blade is made of high quality CV steel with a hardness of 61 HRC and guarantees cutting durability over the entire useful length. The cutting edge angle is 27°. 

The finely ground blade with side chamfer up to the mirror side enables clean work right into the corners, even with deep grooves.

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