4 Piece Butt Chisel Set Hornbeam - 6-26 mm

Axminster Rider 4 Piece Butt Chisel Set

SKU: BRI-103294 | 4 Piece Butt Chisel Set

The shorter length and palm grip handles make butt chisels the perfect choice for fine trimming and final fitting tasks. The blades of these Rider bevel edge butt chisels are fine-grained, chrome manganese steel.

Each one is carefully hardened and tempered to 59 HRC, then finely ground and finished with a 25° bevel. The Rider blades require only final honing to achieve a fine, long lasting edge (we suggest a 30° micro-bevel).

Axminster chose to fit the Rider butt chisels with handles made from dense European Hornbeam. Sanded smooth and given a light oil finish, the Hornbeam has a superb feel in the hand. The pear shaped handle sits comfortably in your palm, a small flat on the back prevents the chisel from rolling off the bench.

Each handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule and a shock absorbing leather washer between the handle and the chisel’s bolster.

The blades are approximately 65mm long with the overall length 175mm. The set comprises 4 chisels: 6mm, 12mm, 20mm and 25mm. European made.

Key Features

  • 4 chisel set: 6, 12, 20 and 25mm
  • Smooth pear shaped Hornbeam handles for control
  • Handle sits comfortably in the palm
  • Fine-grained, chrome manganese steel blades for ultra keen edge
  • Hardened and tempered to 59 HRC stay sharp longer
  • Blades ground and polished only require final honing

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