Axminster Rider Planes

The range of Axminster Rider planes represents a great standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and excellent value.

Axminster Rider planes are aimed squarely at professional woodworkers, tradespeople, apprentices, enthusiastic hobbyists and home owners. Every one of them will appreciate these well-made, affordable hand tools. Tools made with care and attention to fine detail, setting them apart from the run of the mill.

Ductile iron body, rosewood handle and brass fittings

The raw material for all Axminster Rider planes is high quality ductile iron. Ductile iron possesses high strength, impact resistance and is far less prone to corrosion than ordinary cast grey iron especially with the addition of both copper and nickel. Casting takes place in a modern, computerised foundry. On removal from the mould, the raw castings are then left outdoors for several months to condition or age.

Conditioning removes internal stresses from the casting process ensuring the plane's body is stable before machining and surface grinding. When the machining process has been completed, all Axminster Rider planes will have soles ground to 0.04mm or ± 1.6 thou" tolerance. The bench planes have oil-finished selected rosewood handles from a sustainable managed source. The cap iron and other quality fittings on the planes are solid brass, an ideal material for moving parts.

Ready to take shavings, straight out of the box

The most important feature of all Axminster Rider planes is the blade. The bench plane blades are finished to a minimum of 2.8mm thick, surface ground on the reverse to ensure flatness. Each blade is oil quenched, high carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63. After grinding the primary bevel, a secondary micro bevel ensures every blade is ready to go from the moment the plane arrives in your workshop.


Spare Blade
Each bench plane comes in a foam lined storage box, which also contains a spare blade.
Fabric Storage Sock

A sock is supplied with bench and block planes providing extra protection from knocks or bumps encountered in the workshop or toolbox.

User Guide

A comprehensive instruction booklet, containing details of how to care for your plane and hone the blade, accompanies all planes.

Specialist Planes

These are simply packed into their storage box.