Wood Line Plus Dovetail Chisel Set

Wood Line Plus Dovetail Chisel Set

SKU: NRX-852100 | Wood Line Plus Dovetail Chisel Set

Detailed description This chisel is used to create and clean out dovetails. Due to the triangular cross-section, the blade easily fits the tight corners of the dovetails. The back of the blade is slightly hollowed to minimise friction.

Product Details

SKU: NRX-852100
Blade width 19 mm, 13 mm, 6 mm (1/4", 1/2", 3/4")
Blade length 130 mm
Total Length 268 mm
  • Chisel Blade Forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel
  • Heat treated up to 59 HRc
  • Fully ground and sharpened (minimal final honing can be performed)
  • Chisel Handle Dark stained and waxed beech
  • Steel ferrule and hoop

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