Round Blade Awl With Hornbeam Handle

Axminster Rider Round Blade Awl with Hornbeam Handle

SKU: BRI-103872 | Round Blade Awl with Hornbeam Handle

Also referred to as a Scratch awl, the business end of the blade tapers to a fine point with a circular cross-section. As the original name suggests, it was used to scratch a mark on the timber’s surface.

Traditionally a knife would be used for marking across the grain and the scratch awl for marking out along the grain (just as cutting and marking gauges are still used).

The blade is hardened and tempered l approximately 100mm long. The scratch awl is suitable for marking a line, guided along a straight edge, on wood or metal. The fine point allows access when marking dovetails and greater accuracy when pricking out measurements or transferring a pattern.

The handle is dense European hornbeam, sanded smooth and given a light oil finish. The pear shape sits comfortably in your palm; a small flat on the back prevents the awl from rolling off the bench. Each handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule.


Key Features

  • 100mm long chrome-manganese alloyed steel blade
  • Fine point for accurate placement
  • Hardened steel, for use on wood or metal
  • Smooth pear shaped hornbeam handle for control
  • Stainless steel ferrule


Category: awl, hornbeam