Bevel Edge Chisel Soft-Grip

Axminster Rider Bevel Edge Chisels Soft-Grip Handle

The blades of these Rider exclusive bevel edge chisels are fine-grained, chrome manganese steel. They are carefully hardened and tempered to 59 HRC.

Sharpened and ground with a 25° bevel, the blades require only final honing to achieve a fine, long lasting edge (we suggest a 30° micro-bevel).

In cross section, the blades are slightly slimmer than a standard chisel. This allows much improved clearance when working into a corner and helps prevent binding in a slot.

Each chisel features a tough polypropylene handle with TPE softer inserts. The handles are oval and the softer inserts ribbed.

These features ensure comfortable yet secure grip giving you complete control. A metal striking cap allows you to use a steel hammer for heavier cuts.

The blades are 100mm long and the overall chisel length is 250mm. European made.


Key Features

  • Fine-grained, chrome manganese steel for ultra keen edge
  • Bi-material handles for comfortable and secure grip
  • Fine-grained, chrome manganese steel for an ultra keen edge
  • Hardened and tempered to 59 HRC stays sharp longer
  • Chisels ground and polished only require final honing
  • Slim blades improve clearance in tight corners


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