Pax Dovetail Saw

The Pax Dovetail Saw is a fine saw for your dovetail work and has the same style high quality mirror polished brass back as the Tenon Saw - the perfect partner to work with.

The handle is made from the finest steamed beech with a two-tone gloss finish. Hand set and sharpened in the traditional way to give you the best possible dovetail joints. Crosscut and Rip versions are 20 tpi as standard. Packed in individual presentation style card box.

Blade depth is 2 1/4"

Key Features:

* Two Tone Beech Handle with Solid Brass Screws & Medallion

* Gold Leaf Embellishment on handle

* Mirror Polished Brass Back

* Hand Sharpened

* Laser marked with PAX logo

* Can be re-sharpened using a Precision File


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Category: crosscut, dovetail, pax, rip, saw

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