Narex Marking Knife with Finger Indents

Narex Marking Knife with Finger Indents

These Narex Marking Knives feature a through tang stainless-steel blade with a hardness of 57HRc, the equivalent hardness of a good quality everyday pocketknife. This means the steel is rust resistant, easily sharpened yet will hold an edge even with extensive use.

These knives are machined to double bevel spear point of 55 degrees. The knives have a flat back, and the each cutting bevel is sharpened to 15 degrees. The double bevel means the knives are very versatile allowing you to scribe in any direction and suit both left- and right-handed woodworkers. This design and combination of cutting angles delivers a fine, low angled marking tool perfect for detailed work.

Handle: polished rosewood scales fixed by brass pins

Bladestainless steel, hardness 57 HRc

Use: Essential tool for creating marks on wood when laying out precision joinery or transferring measurements. Flat handle profile prevents the knife from rolling off the bench.

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