Narex Limited Edition Chisel Set


Limited Edition Chisel Set


SKU: NRX-853400 | Limited Edition Bevel Edge Chisels x 8 in Wooden Box

The Narex company is proudly celebrating 95 years of production tradition since its foundation back in 1919. The plant in Bystrice survived many difficult periods and transformation processes during its history, becoming a successful and well-known factory with quality hand tools shipped all over the world.

In order to celebrate this important milestone, Narex have made a special Limited Edition Chisel Set and they are sure you love using these beautiful chisels for many years to come. Only 500 sets of this limited edition have been made.

  • 8 piece chisel set consisting of sizes 6, 8, 10,12, 16, 20, 26 & 32mm
  • Handle design originates from 1930s
  • Round hornbeam handles with robust steel ferrules, leather washer and burned out company logo
  • Special anniversary wooden box, which can be optionally hung up in the workshop using supplied hinges

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