Mujngfang Hong Kong-Style Shungee Rosewood 45° Angle Chamfer Plane

SKU: AH1203-055 | 45° Angle Chamfer Plane


Size (mm)

Plane Length 180 mm
Cutting Width Adjustable within 15 mm
Weigth 230 grams

This Mujingfang adjustable chamfer plane cuts chamfers up to 15 mm wide with a blade bedded at 45 degrees.

Beautifully hand crafted from Shungee Rosewood with an RC64 W/Mo HSS blade, this is a lovely performer.

This chamfer plane is quiet, controllable, produces a flawless finish, and because there is no set-up time, it is very quick too.


Category: chamfer, mujingfang, plane, woodworking