Mujingfang Taiwanese Style Curved Profile Shungee Rosewood Plane

This Taiwanese-style plane is designed for use either pushing or pulling.

When pulled, the bevelled and curved upper front surface seats comfortably in the heel of your hand. When pushed, it is an equally comfortable configuration for applying downwards pressure.

This plane has a 3mm thick solid HSS blade, held by a steel wedge. The cap iron is bedded at approximately 45° under a cross pin, and the plane has a mouth opening of about 0.5mm.

Feature Summary

  • Body: Shungee Rosewood
  • Model #: AT1019-155
  • Overall Length: 245mm
  • Width: 64mm
  • Blade Steel: High-Speed Steel Blade
  • Blade Width: 48mm

Collections: Specialty Planes

Category: mujingfang, plane, smoothing

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