Lynx 10" Tenon Saw with Clear Beech Handle

The Lynx Tenon with Clear Beech Handle is made with the similar intentions as the Lynx Handsaw with Beech handle, this is another excellent value saw aimed at a wide range of woodworkers who need the essential saws in their toolbox.

This brass backed saw is made from alloy spring steel and has brass plated screws as standard in the steamed beech handle. Individually packed in a wallet.

Available in either Rip tooth (13 tpi) for cutting with the grain and in crosscut tooth (15 tpi) for cutting across the grain.

Blade depths are follows:

10" Blade length = 2 3/8"

12" Blade length = 3 1/8"

14" Blade length = 3 1/8"

Key Features:

  • Stained Beech Handle
  • Linished Brass Back
  • Laser marked With Lynx Logo
  • Can be re-sharpened



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