Axminster Rider 3-in-1 Shoulder Plane

Axminster Rider

SKU: BRI-107345 | Rider 3-in-1 Shoulder Plane

A truly versatile plane the Rider 3-in-1 plane, shoulder, bull nose and chisel in one precision-machined package. Changing from one function to the other is simply a matter of removing the shoulder or bull nose piece turning it in to a chisel plane. Cast from fine grey iron, it is precision machined, precision ground and polished to ensure accurate results.

The sole is flat and the sides are square to the sole. The 27mm(1-1/16") full width blade is micro adjustable for precise control of the depth of cut. The blade is a fraction of a smidgen wider than the body making it easier to work into a corner.

The polished, arched lever cap makes the plane comfortably and easy to use. A shim between the body and shoulder piece allows you to vary the width of the mouth for fine or coarse work.

Rider planes only require the bare minimum of initial preparation. The blade is oil quenched, high carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63, and only requires a little honing before use 

We are confident that Axminster Rider planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value.

Features Summary

  • Great versatility a plane with 3 distinct functions
  • Shoulder Plane for close fitting joints
  • Bullnose Plane for fine tuning rebates, Chisel Plane for close work
  • Supplied with shims to vary the width of the mouth
  • Micro depth control with knurled adjusting knob
  • Solid, polished, cast bronze, arched lever


Model 3-in-1
Net Weight 900 g (2lb)
Blade Type O1
Plane Blade Width 27 mm (1.1/16")
Plane Sole Length 188 mm


The Axminster Rider Plane brochure can be downloaded here.


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