Wood Line Profi 5 Piece Wooden Handled Screwdriver Set

SKU: NRX-858000 | Wood Line Profi 5 Piece Screwdriver Set in Display Box

The set contains:

Type Blade Diameter (mm)

Blade Length (mm)

type 3.5 75 NRX-809301
type 4.5 90 NRX-809302
type 5.5 100 NRX-809303
type PH1 80 NRX-809401
type PH2 100 NRX-809402


This is an traditionally inspired Czech made wooden handled, chrome plated screwdriver set. It features a hex nut at the base of the handle for using a spanner on those difflcult screws.

Screwdriver Blade
Treated highly alloyed Cr-V steel
With HEX for nut spanner
Through to the end of the handle
Chrome plated surface
Working tip black finish

Round cross section
Beech stained wood, varnished
Suitable for transferring small impacts

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