UJK Technology Dovetail Jig

UJK Technology Dovetail Jig

SKU: BRI-506300 | UJK Technology Dovetail Jig

Detailed description 

The UJK Technology Dovetail Jig can be used to cut half blind dovetails for drawer construction, as well as precise comb or finger joints which could be used, for example, in utility furniture. It will also cut through dovetails, which would be ideally suited for a project like a toolbox.

This tool is robustly made from heavy gauge, 3.5mm steel pressings and is very simple to set up and use. Fitted with cam action clamps, the workpieces are held quickly and securely while the smooth anodised finish on the 6mm thick, machined finger template ensures that both parts of the joint are cut accurately and cleanly.

The jig can be used with any router that will take 1/2" or 8mm shank cutters. It also has a pre-set router depth adjustment knob as well as a unique stabiliser bar located in front of the comb, which provides a much greater surface area on which to bear the router base. A matched pair of cutters (7° dovetail/straight) and an additional guide bush adaptor to suit the router should also be purchased. Finger joint 10mm width, length maximum 25mm.

The UJK Dovetail Jig also incorporates a 62mm dust extraction port to aid safe and efficient operation. Supplied with 2 x 6mm thick aluminium combs, American style threaded guide bush as well as full instructions. Material capacity: 300mm width, 6–28mm dovetail thickness.

Key Features

  • Half blind, through dovetails and finger joints
  • 300 capacity, 6-28mm thickness of material
  • Heavy gauge steel pressings
  • Stabiliser bar for more accurate machining
  • A pair 8mm or 1/2" shank cutters (7° dovetail/straight) required
  • Finger joint 10mm width, length maximum 25mm
  • American style threaded guide bush included
  • Guide bush adaptor to suit your router required
  • 2 x 6mm thick aluminium guide templates

Download the UJK Dovetail Jig manual here.

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