Singapore-Style Curved-Profile Indonesian Rosewood Plane 290 mm

Singapore-Style Curved-Profile Indonesian Rosewood Smoothing Plane

SKU: IP1151-133 | Curved-Profile Indonesian Rosewood Smoothing Plane


Size (mm) or (Grams)

Length 290
Cutting Width 51
Weight 700
Blade Spare MJF4003A/B, MJF4008
Handle Through, removable


Designed for smoothing varying-grain woods, this fixed-mouth Singapore style smoother hand plane can be used on the pull or push stroke, with handle in or out according to preference or usage.

The wedged HSS blade is 51 mm wide and 3 mm thick and hardened to RC62-64. Blade adjustment is done using light mallet taps to set angle and projection.

A well-made, hand crafted plane, it is an excellent choice for finishing cuts on hardwood where a smooth, glass-like surface is desired.


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