Hardwood Square

Axminster Precision Hardwood Square's with Metric Rule

The stocks are H-section brass with a hardwood infill. The blades are stainless steel with a matt chrome finish. The blade sits in a slot cut into the H-section, permanently secured by three brass rivets.

This metal to metal fixing method ensures accuracy as squareness is unaffected by changes in humidity that could affect a wooden stock. The hardwood infill makes this a more attractive tool.

Manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS3322/IS 4017, the squares are fully tested to a tolerance of less than 0.01mm/10mm blade length, both inside and outside. The stainless steel blades feature a millimetre scale on both sides and both edges.

The EEC class 1 scale begins at zero on both the inside and outside edges. The brass stock means these squares are heavier than a normal equivalent. However, they are robust and offer greater stability. Supplied in a foam lined box. A tool you can pass on to the next generation.

Key Features

  • Accurate, robust and stable
  • H-section brass stock with hardwood infill
  • Stainless steel blades with matt chrome finish
  • Permanent 3-rivet fixing
  • EEC class 1mm scale on both sides and both edges
  • Manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS3322/IS 4017


Category: precision square