Axminster Rider No. 90 Bull Nose Plane (obsolete)

Axminster Rider

SKU: BRI-506565 | No. 90 Bull Nose Plane

A close copy of the 1898 original, the Rider No. 90 Bull Nose Plane is carefully ground, finished and polished. The plane’s body is fine grey cast iron. A finger recess on both sides and a well-rounded upper section combine to ensure a comfortable grip.

Precision ground, the sole is flat and the sides are square to the sole. The 25.4mm(1") full width blade is micro adjustable for precise control of the depth of cut. The blade is half a smidgen wider than the body making it easier to work in corners

The upper section is movable, forwards or backwards varying the width of the mouth for fine or coarse work. Removing the upper section completely, converts the plane into a chisel plane, useful when working on a frame, where the stile and rail rebates meet. A small setscrew inside the front section ensures you retain the original mouth setting after disassembling the plane.

Rider planes only require the bare minimum of initial preparation. The blade is oil quenched, high carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63, and only requires a little honing before use. Every plane undergoes careful inspection in Axminster to ensure consistent quality. We are confident that Axminster Rider planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value.

Features Summary

  • Made with great attention to detail, carefully finished and polished
  • 100mm long, precision ground, sole is flat and sides square to the sole
  • Micro adjustable 25.4mm(1") full width blade
  • Honed, O1 high carbon steel blade
  • Movable upper section to vary the width of the mouth
  • Converts into a chisel plane, useful for cleaning stopped rebates


Model No. 90
Net Weight 450g (1lb)
Plane Blade Width 25.4 mm (1")
Plane Sole Length 125mm (5")


The Axminster Rider Plane brochure can be downloaded here.

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