Corner Chisel Hornbeam

Axminster Rider Corner Chisel

SKU: BRI-103318 | Rider Corner Chisel

The corner chisel is a modern derivative of a wheelwright’s Bruzz chisel. The Bruzz chisel did the job of the final cleaning and trimming of the mortices in the wheel’s 'knave and fellows' to receive the spoke tenons. The fit had to be very precise or the wheel would fail, so the Bruzz was an important tool.

Trimming and final squaring is still the function of the corner chisel. The Rider Corner Chisel has a 10mm square blade with a forged tang and bolster. CNC milling ensures forming of the corner is perfectly accurate.

Hardened and tempered with a ground bevel, guarantees a 90° cutting angle. Use the Rider corner chisel to clean the corners of mortices and to trim hinge recesses after using a router. It is useful as a marking out tool, a light tap provides a square cut as a guide for joint corners.

When it comes to sharpening and honing, use a square-edged slipstone or, easier still, a diamond hone that allows you to get right into the corner.

The handle is dense European Hornbeam chosen for its resilience. Sanded smooth and given a light oil finish, the Hornbeam has a superb feel in the hand. The handle ends in a polished stainless steel ferrule with a shock absorbing leather washer between the handle and the chisel’s bolster. The blades are approximately 120mm long with the overall length 260mm. European made.

Key Features

  • For trimming or cleaning, produces perfect 90° corner
  • Ideal for squaring router-cut hinge recesses
  • Fine-grained, chrome manganese steel blade gives ultra keen edge
  • Hardened and tempered to 59 HRC stays sharp longer
  • Stainless steel ferrule with shock absorbing leather washer
  • Hornbeam handle, smooth, comfortable and resilient


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