Pinie Smoothing Plane PREMIUMPLUS

The Smoothing Plane PREMIUMPLUS is designed according to the specifications and requirements of leading joinery masters. In the production process, special attention is given to the blade seat and mortise of the body.

The plane mortise is designed to prevent the clogging of the plane mouth with wood shavings whereas the mouth is narrow enough so as to prevent the chipping of the flattened surface.

The design of both the Jack Plane and the Smoothing Plane is the same, the difference between the Jack Plane and the Bench Plane lies in the seating of the blade angle. For the Jack Plane the angle is 45 degrees, whereas the blade angle of the Smoothing Plane is seated at a steeper angle towards the flattened surface.

The Smoothing Plane is equipped with a PREMIUMPLUS steel alloy 48 mm wide blade with a chipbreaker. The blade‰s hardness (58HRC) is carefully checked and the resistance of the edge is greater than a standard blade.

In the production of the Smoothing Plane PREMIUMPLUS, special attention is given to the quality of processing, ergonomics and comfortable handling. The Smoothing Plane PREMIUMPLUS is therefore ideal for extended periods of working hours.

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