Pinie Jointer Plane PREMIUMPLUS

The Jointer Plane PREMIUMPLUS is a long plane, the body is made up of beech with a hornbeam sole. The plane is equipped with an ergonomic handle at the back of the body.

The Jointer Plane is equipped with a 60 mm steel alloy blade PREMIUMPLUS with a chipbreaker. The blade hardness (58HRC) is carefully checked and the resistance of the edge is greater than that of a standard blade.

Thanks to its 60 mm blade, the plane is ideal for the flattening and fine smoothening of large surfaces. In the production process, special attention is given to the blade seat and mortise of the body.

The plane mortise is designed to prevent the clogging of the plane mouth with wood shavings whereas the mouth is narrow so as to prevent the chipping of the flattened surface.

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