Non Skid Waterstone Holder Yf3020

Non Skid Waterstone Holder

SKU: BRI-417123 | Non Skid Waterstone Holder

Detailed description

Made to hold waterstones up to 210mm(8.1/4") in length. Rubber holders at either end, one fixed and one sliding, which can be tightened by means of two knurled screws to hold the waterstone firmly but gently. A central rubber block provides extra support. Grips on the underside prevent your waterstone walking away whilst you are trying to sharpen a blade. Also suitable for oil stones and diamond stones.


Key Features

  • Holds waterstones up to 210mm(8.1/4") long
  • Rubber holders at either end
  • Central rubber block provides extra support
  • Non-slip grips on underside

Collections: Waterstones

Category: waterstone japanese

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