Narex Richter Bevel Edge Chisel

New Narex Richter Bevel Edge Chisels - cryogenically treated Richter bevel edge chisel.

Cryogenic treatment right after initial hardening, cryogenic treatment cools the steel down to very low temperatures by using liquid nitrogen to as low as −190 °C. 

This completes transformation of austenite, which increases both the hardness and toughness of the steel. This new steel offers less stone drag compared with the more familiar CrMn steel making it one of the nicest and easiest to sharpen.

Edge taking is right up there with the very best and the standout advantage is by far the amazing edge retention. It takes ages to dull and when it does they are easily bought back to that razor-sharp edge in moments.

The ground surface is so fine that it is almost a polish. The edges are as fine as hand ground chisels which makes them most suitable for the finest precision work.

The chisels are fitted with a traditional handle made from ash that is light and strong. The handle has been finely crafted and finished and secured with a split proof ground steel ferrule. Every chisel is marked by the trademark RICHTER EXTRA.

The individual chisel sizes are: 

Individual SKU
1/8" (3mm) NRX-815003
1/4" (6mm)
3/8" (10mm)
1/2" (13mm)
3/4" (19mm)
1" (25mm)
1 1/2" (38mm) NRX-815039


Blade  Handle
Forged from high quality Cr-V steel
Domestic ash hardwood
Cryogenically treated and tempered to at least 62 HRc
Sanded and polished
Fine ground and polished
Solid stainless steel ferrule
Ultra-thin sides for reaching into tight spaces
Leather washer

Named after Narex founder Mr. Vaclav Richter, these chisels represent the highest quality of manufacturing processes combining unique materials, heat treatment and machining in order to produce the finest tool for woodworkers. Every chisel is marked by Narex trademark RICHTER EXTRA.

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