Narex Classic Line 5 Piece Screwdriver Set

SKU: NRX-865000 | Classic Line Profi 5 Piece Screwdriver Set in Display Box

The set contains:

Type Blade Diameter (mm)

Blade Length (mm)

type 3.5 80 NRX-800801
type 4.0 100 NRX-800805
type 6.5 125 NRX-800812
type PH1 80 NRX-802801
type PH2 100 NRX-802802


Screwdriver suitable for basic household and repair use - colour cominations according to type.

Screwdriver Blade
Treated highly alloyed steel
Nickel plated surfacc

Ergonomic with hexagonal cross section
Resitant to oil and petrol
Shape prevents the tool from rolling away

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