Narex Screwdriver Set In Plastic Case, S Line Elektro Profi

SKU: NRX-862351 | Screwdriver Set 7 pcs in Plastic Case S Line Elektro Profi


The set contains:

Size Type
2,5 x 75 NRX-833001
3,0 x 100 NRX-833003
4,0 x 100 NRX-833005
6,5 x 150 NRX-833007
PH0 x 60 NRX-833100
PH1 x 80 NRX-833101
PH2 x 100 NRX-833102


Suitable for safe live working under voltage in electro technical fields.


Blade Handle
  • treated highly alloyed steel
  • black surface
  • insulated coating
  • ergonomic with round cross-section
  • hard PP core, soft TPE cover
  • the shape prevents it from rolling away


Each item is tested for electric breakdown in a water bath at 10 000 V. Safe working up to 1 000 V is guaranteed.

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