Mujingfang Shungee Rosewood Flat Profile Shoulder Plane

A lovely traditional style flat-profile shoulder plane features a beautiful Shungee Rosewood body and blade flush with the edges of the plane, allowing trimming right up to the edge of a workpiece

The full width plane iron trims right into the corners for precision tenon shoulders and rabbets, and for cleaning up dadoes.

Adjusting the depth of cut is made by setting the wedge and tang and tapping the rear of the plane with a small mallet.

Feature Summary

  • Body: Shungee Rosewood
  • Model #: AO1082-033
  • Overall Length: 240mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • Blade Steel: High-Speed Steel Blade
  • Blade Width: 25mm

    Collections: Specialty Planes

    Category: mujingfang, plane, rebate

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