Mujingfang Natural Water Sharpening Stone - 13,000+ Grit 66 mm Wide

A dense, hard natural water stone that's perfect for final polishing on your carving tools, plane blades, chisels or any tool requiring a keen edge.

Extremely fine (over 13,000) grit natural water stone quarried in China. Because these natural polishing stones are cut by hand, dimensions may vary slightly.

Natural Water Stone Dimensions - 200 x 66 x 30mm

Founded in 1982, Mujingfang has been serving furniture manufacturers, craftsmen, and DIY-ers worldwide for more than 30 years.

Mujingfang gathered the best planemakers from around the country and brought them to their Hong Kong factory from where they supplied master craftsmen throughout South East Asia.

The Mujingfang brand is recognized for its full range of quality woodworking tools including hammers, chisels, axes, saws, rulers, and planes.

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