MHG Mortise Chisel with large round hornbeam handle and Fine-honed blade

These high quality mortice chisels have thick, rectangular section blades designed to withstand the heavy blows required to cut deep mortices.

Forged and hardened to Rc-61, the blades are made from the highest quality chrome vanadium steel from Germany. Due to the hardness of the steel, these chisels take longer to sharpen but will retain a sharp edge for longer. The chunky handle is contoured for extra comfort and sturdy steel bands support the handle preventing it from splitting or spreading when hit with a mallet. A shock absorbing leather washer sits between the handle and the bolster on the blade. 

The handles are made from European hornbeam selected for its straight grain and durability. Available in nine sizes, these chisels have an overall length of 350mm.

The handles are made from slow growing European hardwoods selected for their straight grain and strength. Supported by a steel band, the handles will not spread or split in use and offer exceptional support to the deep seated tangs. Precision ground and sharpened before they leave the factory, MHG chisels are built for hard work and perform flawlessly.

These chisels are of a quality you would expect from a German manufacturer with a long and expert tradition in forging and hardening techniques.

Manufactured from high-grade steel and hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 61, MHG chisels will retain their keen edge for a long time. This gives a chisel that is extremely efficient and incredibly reliable. The blades are premium quality German chrome vanadium; a metal that has a much higher resistance to metal fatigue than other tool steels and is perfect for tools that are designed to be struck with a mallet.

Chisels are sharp out of the box but will benefit from minimal final honing prior to use.

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