MHG Carpenters Chisel with Brown Power Grip Hornbeam Handle and Polished Blade

These premium quality MHG bevel edged Carpenter's chisels are fitted with durable brown European hornbeam Power Grip handles.

Powergrip handles are large and robust, ideal for those big jobs demanding extra width and stoutness, without giving up precision and blade quality.

The handles are equipped with vibration deadening leather shock washers and have reinforced with steel hoops top and bottom.

These chisels are of a quality you would expect from a German manufacturer with a long and expert tradition in forging and hardening techniques.

Manufactured from high-grade steel, hardened to a Rockwell hardness of 61, MHG chisels will retain their keen edge for a long time and come in sizes from 22 mm to 50 mm.

Chisels are sharp out of the box but will benefit from minimal final honing prior to use.

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Category: carpenter, chisel

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