Luban Side Rabbet Plane

Luban Side Rabbet Plane

SKU: QSSRPL | Side Rabbet Plane


The side rabbet plane is useful for planing the side wall of a rabbet, groove or dado - invaluable for straightening or widening a channel. It is a single purpose tool and a modern interpretation of the original Preston model.

Blades can be removed for sharpening and minimal final honing is recommended prior to use.

The Luban brand is manufactured by the Qiangsheng Tool Co., sometimes spelt Quangsheng who are well known for producing high quality tools.



Material of body Iron
Blade steel T10 Tool Steel
Hardness of blade RC59-63
Material of lever cap Stainless Steel
Material of Handle Bubinga
Degree of blade cutting edge 25 degree
Weight 467 grams
Size 110mm x 60mm x 60mm

Luban hand tools come with a 5 year guarantee to be free of manufacturing defects - a new item will be supplied or the faulty component will be replaced in the event of a manufacturing defect at no charge.

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