Luban No. 1 Router Plane by Qiangsheng Tools Co.

New stock of these are dispatching from the factory in mid June 2020- being a very popular item we're opening these to advance orders if you'd like to secure one. Freight is a little unpredictable during the COVID19 situation so we'll update any backorder customers once we receive the shipping information - we'd expect them to land with us first week of July and they will ship to you same or next day. Thanks, the Finetools team.

This small router plane is designed for planing channels, recesses and dados. The body is made from cast stainless steel with bubinga handles, and the sole measures 100mm x 45mm.

The blade is held in place by a slotted brass knurl screw ensuring a firm hold on the blade while working, at up to 30 mm below the surface of the piece . As beautifully finished as you will have come to expect from Qiangsheng Luban tools.

The Luban brand is manufactured by the Qiangsheng Tool Co., alternatively known as Quangsheng, who are well known for producing high quality tools.

Minimal final honing and tuning is required prior to use.

  • Body material: Cast Stainless Steel
  • Blade steel: T10
  • Blade Sizes: 6 mm V, 2.5 mm V, 2.5 mm Straight Blade
  • Blade Cut Depth: -30 mm from surface
  • Hardness of blade: 59-63
  • Handles: Bubinga
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Sole Size: 100 mm * 45 mm

Luban hand tools come with a 5 year guarantee to be free of manufacturing defects - a new item will be supplied or the faulty component will be replaced in the event of a manufacturing defect at no charge.

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