Clifton 550 Concave Spokeshave

Clifton Spokeshaves are made from virtually unbreakable spheroidal graphite/malleable iron; the surfaces are finished and polished to give maximum comfort in the hand; the weight and balance permits the Spokeshave to sit firmly on the wood so that only a stroking action is required to make them cut. The firm seating and fine adjustment allow the woodworker to make delicate nuances in the weight of cut.

Available in either a Concave (550) or Convex (500) version. Spare cutters are also available.

The Concave Spokeshave may be used instead of a draw knife to chamfer square timber, but is more often used as a delicate tool by furniture makers to shape on curves e.g. cabriole legs or for blending in curved surfaces made by machine - such as posts and stair rails.

The Convex Spokeshave is the counterpart to the concave model and is essential for recessed work.

Both Spokeshaves have a length of 254mm (10"), a weight of 425 grams (15oz) and a curve of 53.3 mm (2.1/2" ) diameter.

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